How Much Is Medical Marijuana In Pennsylvania

Janice Farby was excited with the product, but not necessarily the price she paid lamenting to her youth when $40.00 she said would buy “a whole bag of weed.”

Today however she paid $70 at the Cresco Yeltrah dispensary in Butler when it opened Thursday for a half gram of Lime Skunk medical marijuana liquid resin product to be consumed through a vaping device. A wax concentrate of a gram of Bio Jesus was $75.

No DJ Jane, Bio Jesus and Skink are not rap artists but we’re guessing snoop dog knows them.

Another buyer said “The prices I paid yesterday would be prohibitive for a patient on a fixed income,” he said in a Tribune-Review article on Friday. “I’m hoping once the market starts to regulate and other cultivators and dispensaries come on line, we’ll see prices start to come down.”

Sadly prices are not strictly regulated, About 40 miles away, at Solevo Wellness dispensary in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood, the same amount of Lime Skunk was $10 cheaper and Bio Jesus on a menu for $60 according to that same Trib Article.

Both dispensaries are supplied by Cresco Yeltrah, currently the only operating marijuana grower and processor in Pennsylvania. Its cultivation facility is in Brookville and it owns three dispensaries, including the Butler location according to state records.

they would not let us photograph the facility nor with out a state issued card could we enter the facility .

Eventually 11 more growers and processors will open as part of the state’s medical marijuana program.

Many people we spoke with outside said that illegal product is considerably less rxpensiamd you don’t need to pay s &50.00 fee to the state to get a card to buy it.

Prices ranged from $40 to $80 for products at both dispensaries a No product was above $100.




  1. Total fucking joke, yet another thing to send out to public to get abused, for our taxpayers, and people who work for a living to pay for. It will end up on street same as suboxine and all for the government to make money off it at the cost of our society. Total drug epidemic going on and yet they legalize another widely abused “medicine” please don’t spout the “it’s natural” bullshit, so is opium and cocoa. Get a life, take an Advil and live with some aches and pains. I’d love to see the study of the actual patients, I bet the number of working class is pretty low. I am a recovered addict with a lot of years clean, I know the game well and the type of people standing in line at the drs signing up. Way to go PA, we just legalized more welfare, lazy jobless scum in Butler county. Notice where it’s located? In the hood, not cranberry, in our ghetto…

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