Before the crime spree of Brian Vlassich began, he tried to break INTO the Butler County Prison

Brian Vlassich tried to break into the Butler County Prison on Feb 2nd, but much like he fails at life. He also failed at breaking into the prison. His arrest finally came after Police arrested him that same night after a crime spree during which he allegedly attempted to carjack two people and tried to force his way onto a school bus before he managed to steal a vehicle.

Police said they were called about 1:35 a.m. Feb. 2 for a report of a man trying to bust into the front doors at the prison on South Washington Street as first reported here on Butler News via our live scanner call.

Vlassich, first pounded on the glass doors before he grabbed a large bag of road salt and heaved it at the glass, much like his life,again when that failed, he left momentarily but returned with a large, standing metallic ashtray, which he also threw into the glass. But it was a throw much like a child would throw a guard from the jail at the Butler County Prison tells Butler News “he threw that shit at the glass like a four year old would”

Police allege Vlassich was trying to break in before he walked away, leaving behind damage estimated at under $500.





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