Don Shearer,36, threatens to shut down a public parking lot, gets caught lying about the mayors involvement.

JD Thompson of Eau Claire, who organizes the hot rod cruises, said he received a call from Don Shearer who said the group couldn’t meet in the city parking lot on North Main Street without a permit from the city and having liability insurance. The man also told Thompson that the group wasn’t following proper channels.

“I said we’re just cruising and we can go elsewhere. He was screaming and yelling at me,” Thompson said.

Shearer then went on to tell Thompson that “He is sitting in the mayors office right now” Little be known Butler News found this out to not be true, a simple email from a helper here at Butler News to Mayor Smith, and Councilman Smith and both people said they had no idea what we were even talking about, and both parties likes the cruising on main street.

Don Shearer when reached for comment in fact BLOCKED Butler News.

Mayor Smith said he  found out about the situation after Butler News contacted multiple city council persons asking for answers-Smith said he hasn’t talked to anybody about the cruise or using the lot.

Sherer is known for stirring the pot in Butler, he has been featured on Butler News before just for the fact the guy is a known asshole and hard-ass online, yet maybe one of the biggest cowards in person not saying a word when he has seen me multiple times. Including a time when I straight asked him if he had anything to say to me in person while I was in town for an event.

The moral of the story is, Don who might not have been invited to the lower lot cruise due to him being a douchebag (organizer I am sure would still welcome him) caused a shit storm on social media for no reason other then wanting to be a doucebag that he is.

Here is a link to his past article on Butler News




  1. a beard in prison, means your available. he’s most likely angry because he does not have a car to go to these events since his social justice warrior PRIUS is not a hot rod

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