Excessive bond set over school threat case

Bryan Flecken, 28, told police he was joking after when he made the comments on Facebook that he was going to shoot up Butler SR High school, but he is now behind bars in Allegheny County on $250,000 bail, facing a misdemeanor charge of terroristic threats.

Flecken was arraigned on Saturday by Magisterial District Judge Eileen Conroy, according to online docket records, and was committed to the Allegheny County Jail on the $250,000 bail.

The affidavit of probable causes states that the conversation included comments about gun control, to which Flecken replied that “Nobody gives a fuck. I’ll prove it. I’m gonna buy 34 rifles and shoot up my first place of employment … how about next Wednesday … about 2:30. I bet no fucking police or fbi even THINK of tracking me down. Nobody cares. Big brother is comatose.”

Bail is EXCESSIVE as can be in this case, in fact this is a minor charge that does not even hold a day in jail when he is a zero on the offence gravity score, if nothing more this is all for show from the Magistrates office.




  1. Excessive bail?………..I think not……….He made a threat………..Besides, bail for those sideburns should be set at $200K! 😎


  2. That man like an idiot, after the recent rash of idiots shooting up schools, committed the audaciously stupid act of claiming thoughts to do the same?
    Until he’s has some serious psychological assessments I wouldn’t set the poochie fruit free either!


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