Woman arrested,after being found passed out on heroin in her car

Jolena Bowser, 39, of Parker was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence after she was found passed out in a car parked under the South Main Street bridge.

An officer on patrol noticed the vehicle with Parker in it and the key in the ignition. She eventually regained consciousness. The officer could clearly tell she was “nodded out” from using heroin.

When she got out of the car, the officer spotted a drug-smoking pipe on the driver’s seat. She was searched and found with two stamp bags of suspected heroin and a Suboxone strip.

Bowser was taken to Butler Memorial Hospital for a blood test.




  1. the one on the left in pick is a POS also. she’s been in prison for stealing money and drugs. you see everyone, even the smallest city in the USA (Parker PA) has big time problems also. the main dealer up there is a shit bag that goes by “coke head Eddie” Whyte. he’s been ratting out other dealers to keep his kingdom! and being as he is supplied by a corrections officer. its quite the racket. if anyone is up that way you run low on stuff. check out the VFD, just a rumor


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