Butler City begs Butler Township for help with road repairs

The City of Butler is exploring entering into an agreement with Butler Township regarding road maintenance.

Butler City is looking for ways to enter into an agreement to work with the Township so the City can get some of the horrible roads patched and fixed with the Townships help.

Butler City has a road department, this plan makes no sense when you have a prison full of guys that will work for Butler City to help the employees. Instead this worthless council would rather wash more of the city’s money down the shitter.




  1. with those new street lights they can see the bad roads! the issue in this state is the worthless union employees and their horrible road work. its like driving in a plowed field. and its not the weather destroying the roads. other countries around the world with worse weather has way better roads. these clowns have piss poor attitude and are entitled to take tax payer money for shitty work.


  2. We’ll get in there, hike your skirt up beezley and get dirty show em how it’s done brother. Your the expert we should all follow because you can type several run on sentences while masturbating your small toe of a pecker. Next time they take your 1000 dollars if that that you pay in tax dollars a year maybe we could use it to further your education brother. Suck my slimjim. O ya


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