Disgusting conditions at Pizza Hut in Harmony PA

The following was sent into Butler News, the pictures are of Pizza Hut in Harmony Pa. As you can see by the pictures the conditions are disgusting, mold and filth fill the kitchen. Employees that sent in the photos say Pizza Hut is aware of the conditions and said “they do not care” These same employees tell Butler News that the kitchen has been like this for an “extended period of time” and that management is more worried about producing orders then fixing the problem at hand.

Looking at the “yelp” reviews you can see this pizza hut location has some horrible reviews, you can click this link to see them all.


Here is a portion of one review.

“If you’re looking for a great deal, steer clear of the Pizza Hut in Zelienople. Today, while our family was getting together to celebrate the birthday of our beloved grandmother, Pizza Hut decided to make that birthday party one to remember. Not by making delicious pizza, not by outstanding service, but by basically stealing from us. Thankfully the gifts have already been purchased because our 3 “large” pizzas came to a grand total of $60.39. When we called in to ask the manager if this was a typical price I was told, “if you ordered it online we’re running a 50% off deal” … helpful, right? Not exactly. When we asked if we could possibly be given that price or a fraction of that money returned to our already approved credit card transaction, the answer was no. Now we’re stuck with $27 in store credit, crappy overpriced pizza, and one disappointed grandmother. Next time we’re going to Little Caesars to get the 12 for $60 deal.”

When Pizza Hut was contacted for comment I was told I would have to speak to the manager, and that they would take my number and call me back. Three hours later there was no call back at this time.

This pizza Hut is located at the following location.

112 Perry Hwy
Harmony, PA 16037

(724) 452-4720



  1. sexist macho man im gonna go ahead and assume that buy your name and your comment you have never had a woman and if you did she didnt stick around long


    • the dishwasher is in the kitchen ….anythkng else you want to try and defend …..point blank that pizza hut is nasty and horrid …


      • Just because you sucked doesn’t mean you have to try and ruin people’s jobs😂 and that dish washer is no where near the make table or oven 😂 only a bitch would hide behind a screen and try to slander someone


  2. I’m not in law school, but if you look up the definition of slander it states “the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation”. Since we want to get technical I guess I’ll say defamation because everyone is a lawyer now a days apparently.


  3. I don’t have time for this. The only people who seem to believe your wanna be butler eagle website is an asshole who got fired and a sexiest man 😂 please continue to run your mockery of a page. I’m gonna go eat at harmony Pizza Hut


  4. The kitchen is nasty I worked there for 6 months and left because I was being harassed by the general managers HUSBAND. The kitchen is so nasty and the only reason it passed is because the GM knew the inspector. Now that they have switched companies a new inspector is going to come and I can’t wait to see thoughs reviews. I started at the cranberry location and honestly I wish I never left because Harmony was terrible all the way around. Also I should mention in my 6-7 months of working there I have seen several wings dropped on the ground only to see them put back in the fryer for 30 seconds and still served to the customers!


  5. In the few months I worked here, I saw this place almost fail a health inspection twice. They were one fail away from being closed down. The managers never did shit except for maybe 2 of them. I watched one come in and spend an entire day deep cleaning because he couldn’t afford to lose his job if the place failed. All while the GM sat on her ass and chainsmoked outside.

    Maybe if the management spent more time doing their fucking jobs than gossiping about their other employees and causing drama, then the place wouldn’t be a disgusting shithole.


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