New City Council might be on drugs, broke Butler City now wants to rehab Ritts park

The City of Butler is applying for grant money in order to make improvements to a local park.

Director of Parks, Recreation and Public Property Councilman Jeff Smith said the city wants to rehab Ritts Park.

“That park hasn’t seen much in a while,” Smith said during a city council meeting on Tuesday night.

City Council passed a motion to comply with the requirements of the Butler County Parks Renovation Program in order to file their application before it is due later this week. Under the plan, climbing structures in the shape of leaves and trees would be installed in this area by the City of Butler Parks Department. This will give residents a much better place to shoot heroin, in a more private environment.

Once the application has been submitted, a committee from the county is expected to review requests and decide which ones can be funded.

Butler City must be on drugs to think this is a good idea, maybe fix the treacherous basketball court, or the tennis courts that are falling apart, na some trees are much smarter. Ask any resident in the area and they agree cameras are needed there due to the drug use. But hey, just ignore that I guess.




  1. The park isn’t a bad idea why don’t you want to see he city rebuilt. I think we need to bring money to the city before we spend it. Open up a few slim Jim stands. Butler slim Jim shop now open for business taste the machos special slimjim sauce maybe that’ll fix your hole


  2. The idea by the park commission is a good idea if it was 1960, unfortunately this is 2018 in Butler. In no time it would be a place for drug deals, people to get high, there would be trash everywhere and the police would be to busy to patrol and arrest the criminals.
    Park Commission thanks but no thanks at this time. If we ever get old Butler back Please bring on the park.

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    • Don’t think the old butler will come back since people like you who can point and say no but not lift a fat finger past your mouth to help do anything. Wouldn’t it be easier to currently deal drugs in a run down park? Will you suck me off Dave?


  3. Oh macho macho Man Isn’t that a song by the Village People? I see you must have finally danced out of the closet. At least you have more to your life than making crude comments.
    Maybe you can try cleaning up the issues in town. I doubt you will do anything more than play on your phone. There is alot of work needing done. Getting rid of the drug problem is #1. What is your opinion of what will happen if that park goes in, try and be honest


  4. I don’t listen to the village people brother. Obviously you may have oh yeah. Don’t you think the drug problem is driven by depression which is hosted by poverty. We need jobs brother for anything to make a real impact brother. People need purpose oh yeah. Drugs don’t grab these people and say use me they are low first brother. Ritz wouldn’t do anything.. it isn’t that bad of a place now I used to use it myself a few years ago oh yeah. That’s why I proposed a slim Jim stand with a glory hole for you to bottom feed from. Let me know if your hungry brother.


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