Austin Ayers starts a new internet company called “Penn Internet” saying he can provide internet, phone and cable in Butler

Austin Ayers is at it again, this time starting a “cable company” for Butler, Butler News was only made aware of this after a new “customer” applied for internet through Ayers. Ayers asked this person for a $200.00 deposit after saying this persons credit was not good enough for his newer and faster high speed internet.

Butler News called Armstrong Cable and asked if Ayers has leased the proper lines to run cable or internet in Butler County, Armstrong Cable stated they have no idea what I was talking about. And stated “we have never heard of this company”

Ayers is offering fantastic “hopme” phone service, yet Armstrong Cable states that Ayers has no rights to the lines owned by Armstrong Cable, wherefore there is no possible way he could provide any sort of home phone service unless it was some sort of free “voip” service that you would be able to get for free. Armstrong Cable would like to add their phone service is superior to voip service, Armstrong Also adds that home phone service is only $9.99 a month.

The website is called Penn Internet, and when looking at Penn Internet the owner ship is listed as follows.

“PennInternet is a dvision of From The Scene TV LLC – a registered company in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”

The support number listed for Penn Internet is 1-833-PENNNET  when called the number did not work. I guess the customer service center must be busy sleeping today. ‘

Ayers mission statement is as follows.

“Get Ready for PennInternet to launch!

Get ready for rural-Pennsylvania to be available to purchase unlimited high-speed internet and home phone service.
We’re bringing High-Speed Internet to all of Pennsylvania, starting in 2018.”

A “customer on states the following

““PennInternet provides a much faster service than Armstrong Cable, CenturyLink, and even Comcast!”

Yet one paragraph above this pleased customer, penn internet says they are not even providing internet yet.

Once again Ayers is going down a dangerous road of fraud and misconception. Providing and charging for services he can not provide, as well as trying to say he is a direct partner with at@t. A call from them has not been returned, but I think we all know what answer will be given once returned.

The appropriate authorities have been contacted due to this newest scam, please do NOT give this person your social security number or any of your personal information.

Austin Ayers is the same person arrested just last month for shooting at the home of Justin Castilyn with a BB gun, Ayers has claimed himself nor his mother has the money for an attorney, and he is using a public defender to try to get himself out of his horrendous actions in court.


It also appears that the business is run off of Ayers cell phone and a free VOIP phone number. Were left wondering why this regard thinks he has staff? Or who this schmuck thinks he is fooling



  1. its the beard. this is why inbreeding should be stopped in western PA. while he is in jail. lets send him a cake with a little kids plastic file.( kids construction set) its about only toy he could handle


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