Do not buy a thing off it’s a SCAM Scam Warning! Share now.

Austin Ayers of 601 Prospect Road is at it again. When he is not talking children into and participating in Home shootings. Ayers, the not so lovable troll that lives in his mothers basement, is now trying to say he can sell you internet.

Ayers over the past several days have been messaging people saying he will give you a great deal on AT&T WiFi boxes. But here is the truth.

Ayers is selling WIFI boxes through AT&T. These boxes depending on credit are FREE. Ayers says when you sign up for “his” service that you are forced to pay $75.00 down.

Castilyn while at the mall yesterday informed AT&T about this, in fact, the guy working said “I sold Ayers that box” and said he was very concerned by what he was told.

Multiple people have now messaged Butler News, saying that Ayers is demanding $75.00 down for a FREE WiFi box from AT&T

Ayers then asks you to pay HIM $70.00 a month. Ayers then pays AT&T the $45.00 a month for the device costs. Doing nothing in return, and making $25.00 a month in what can only be construed as fraud.

A call to AT&T corporate has not been returned. But two venders have thus far made AT&T aware of the scam.

Do not buy a damn thing off of you can get the same thing for FREE by going to

This kids a scumbag at its finest. He is milking hard working people out of money on his scam, what everyone needs to do is order boxes, that forces him to buy the boxes. And then do not return the boxes to Ayers. He would be forced to pay for the boxes at that point.

But the fact is, this unemployed bum that has a questionable incest relationship with his mother, isn’t ever paying for shit. Ayers at 19 could be the biggest waste to society in western pa.


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