Here is how Austin “Jay” Ayers SCAM works, read the details

**Be aware that PennInternet is not what it seems**

PennInternet is run by Austin Ayers, who you’re well aware of if you follow our page.

PennInternet seems to be claiming that it’s a brand new, independent, rural internet service provider. This however does NOT appear to be true at all.

It seems that all this “company” is offering is a mobile hotspot router and the internet is actually provided by AT&T:…/nighthawk-lte-mobile…/_jcr_content.html…

As far as we can tell, the only thing you’d be paying Austin Ayers and PennInternet for is customer service and/or support.

So you can either get this exact same service directly from AT&T, which would offer 24/7 support by thousands of professionals… or you can pay more for it and get support from one 19 year old kid, who has 0 professional networking experience, and is running this “company” from his Mom’s basement.



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