Andrew Hoy, 23,charged again after calling woman from the jail who has a PFA on him

Andrew Hoy, 23, was charged again after calling his ex girlfriend in hopes that she would drop the current serious charges against him.

County detectives Wednesday charged Hoy with a felony count of intimidation of a witness stemming from nine jailhouse phone calls between Jan. 22 and 24. As well of nine counts of violating a pfa

Hoy  was arrested for choking his girlfriend to near unconsciousness during a domestic dispute at their apartment on West Jefferson Street. Hoy is a known woman abuser with multiple arrests for abusing woman.

Hoy was arraigned on felony charges of aggravated assault and strangulation and a misdemeanor charge of simple assault, and placed in the county prison on $75,000 bail.

Five days later, investigators said, he made his first jailhouse call to the victim. And he then called her eight more times.

The county detective who reviewed the recorded calls, told the Butler Eagle the couple “discussed the severity of the most recent argument, how they were both drinking and how they wished the police were not involved.”

Additionally, they talked about her injuries sustained in the domestic and the court order that prohibited Hoy from contacting her.

During the calls, the victim advises Hoy that she is afraid that the prosecutor in the assault case is aware of their recorded conversations.

“Inmate Hoy tells (her) to calm down and that he has been through all of this before,” documents said. He also tells her, “You need to start listening to me! Tell judge you want it dropped!”

Hoy is already awaiting trial in connection with two other felony cases, including a domestic assault last year involving a different woman in Butler.

In that case, Hoy is accused of threatening his then-girlfriend with a knife after punching and choking her May 17, 2017

In brief, Hoy is going to jail for years, and that is right where he belongs. Last year before the Wick Street shooting Hoy also crashed a Jeep into a woman’s house. He was never arrested for this one, but it is common sense that he was the driver. The police could not prove it.

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