Demko Family Martial Arts owner Michael Demko, 38, arrested charged with heroin possession

Michael  Demko, 38, of Slippery Rock was charged with having heroin and other drug contraband stemming from an incident last month on West Brady Street.

Police said they spotted Demko and a woman about 6 p.m. Jan. 28, appeared to be staggering and was later arrested for public drunkenness.

A subsequent search of Demko turned up two stamp bags and 11 empty bags of suspected heroin, a morphine pill, used syringe and plastic straw with suspected drug residue on it.

Demko is charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.




  1. This is a totally made up story. I personally know Michael and he has never done a drug in his life. He has mentored my children and many others. This story total garbage and the author should be sued for slander in a court of law


  2. This is such fake news…. you need to get your shit straight before plastering peoples faces all over the internet with this kind of news… learn to get the facts asshole.


  3. Amber brother. Get in the kitchen. Jason brother maybe by mentoring your kid you mean he did herion and got caught. That problem runs deeper than maybe some would like but who are you to come on here and lash out. Tuck that dick back between your legs before you get a flying elbow from the top rope. Slim Jim suckers oh yeah


  4. Citation #180001088
    Butler City Police Department
    Int Poss Controlled Subst
    Use/Poss Drug Paraph
    Judge: William Fullerton


    • Thank you but my point is that is a different Mike Demko. First off Michael’s middle name is not Andrew. Secondly, he is not 38 yr old. Thirdly, he does not live in Slippery Rock Twp. Finally, I’m not in a pissing match nor do I want to be in one. I just would like to establish that the Mike Demko that was arrested is not the same Mike Demko shown in the photo.


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