Kyle Leppert, 23, arrested after putting a camera in a woman’s bathroom

Kyle Leppert, 23, was arrested after placing a battery operated digital camera inside the women’s bathroom stall at the Kwik Fill Red Apple store on Leesburg Grove City Road in Springfield Township, Mercer County.

“The camera was placed in such a way as to view unsuspecting females as they used the bathroom facilities.

He is charged with various charges,and a picture says a thousand words about this guy.







  1. Perverts are putting cameras in bathrooms, and our schools are putting perverts in classrooms. Swingers love to gloat about how many teachers are active in the swing lifestyle. Call me crazy, but with all the stories in the news about teachers having sex with students, I think perverts should be kept out of classrooms.

    What is the world coming to with grown women posting nudes online under their real names, teachers having sex with students, teachers openly attending sex clubs, and people putting cameras in bathrooms.

    Are you comfortable knowing your kid could be in the classroom with a teacher that goes to sex parties?


    • Not interested.

      You should check out DJ’s private club and see who you know from the Beaver-Butler area. Anybody can go and look around if you pay a small membership fee. The club owners cannot prove, nor do they care, if people who pay and show up are actually swingers. It is an eye-opener, but not in a good way!


  2. John brother I have a fetish of watching women unwrap slim Jim’s without usiing their hands only vaginal parts. Now that isn’t on the internet can you refer me where to go o master of thee. Maybe you can’t have porn macho Man can. Oh yeah.


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