Teen Charged With Making False Bomb Threat At Karns City HS

Garrett DeBacco, 18, of Cowansville, Armstrong County, was arrested Friday and charged with a felony after police say he was responsible for making the unsubstantiated threat at Karns City High School on Tuesday. He scribbled a message that he was going to blow up the school on the bathroom wall.

State Police allege DeBacco, who was a student at Karns City High, announced to his classmates and teacher that he had found a bomb threat written on the boy’s bathroom wall. That prompted an evacuation of the entire high school and a response by state police. Students were then sent home early.

He was taken to jail Friday and is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on Tuesday.




  1. those debacco’s are inbred bunch. cousin married to cousins etc. after KC added the east brady (brady bunch) the school as gone to HELL. they actually had to lower their teaching standards!!! couple years back they did essays on what they were going to do in life, 99% of the brady bunch said ” get a government check” no shit.. maybe those chemical plants up there are leaking! anyhow this debacco is probably the smartest in his family, he’s made it past 6th grade


  2. I believe you’re talking about the Claypooles, Ealys & Scotts that are inbred from KCHS. In NO way the Debacco’s are inbred and every Debacco I know had graduated and hold very good jobs. As far as the “Brady bunch” merging with Karns shitty, it had no effects on anything other than the school being more populated. That’s it. That was around 25 years ago they merged. Some of the comments I see here are ridiculious. If you ever went to Karns City you would know the post above makes no sense at all.


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