Pittsburgh Steeler in trouble after posting video inside Chick-fil-A in Cranberry Township

A Pittsburgh Steeler Safety Sean Davis is at the center of a lawsuit over a social media video he took inside Chick-fil-A in Cranberry Township.

In that video was a 16-year-old employee, whose parents are now suing Davis alleging their song was bullied and harassed as a result of the video.

Davis’ agent says that is not what happened. He said his client did not intentionally cyber bully and single out the boy, but rather was generally commenting on the service.

The boy’s mother said she initially wanted was an apology and for Davis to stand up for bullying, but that did not happen.

I seen the video before it was removed. The video does nothing more then bitch about bad service. I have no idea where they are getting this bully bullshit at.




One comment

  1. hope they hammer him. NFL is full of assholes. todays gladiators. they commit rape, woman beatings DUI, armed robberies etc. fuck them


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