Slippery Rock Bus Driver seen in Butler News video FIRED.

A bus driver  speeding in the Butler News video will no longer drive Slippery Rock School District students, according to the district administration.

Superintendent Alfonso Angelucci said Beth Drake, the district’s transportation director, alerted the contracted transportation company, Student Transportation of America of Portersville.

He said Drake asked the company to investigate. As well as PSP is also investigating after the video was seen on Butler News almost 200,000 times. The video went “viral”

“The behavior exhibited by the driver failed to meet the expectations of the school district and the transportation company,” Angelucci said.

There were no students aboard at the time of the incident, according to Angelucci. The man that took the video disputes this saying “there were a few kids on the bus at the time” it made its last stop shortly after me filming”

The driver was fired on the spot when the owner of Butler News called the transportation company. The driver was fired the next morning after the video went viral overnight.

Kevin Barnhart is the manager of the transportation company, he would not or did not have the balls to give the drivers name, or even say if the driver was fired. Other drivers that work for the company have said the driver was fired on the spot. Butler News also has a right to know in for video footage as well as the drivers name.

State Police are involved, but will not confirm or deny if the driver has been charged at this point.





  1. they fire him for speeding? karns city said they could fire a driver for stopping at a bar and holding up traffic while buying beer with students on the bus


  2. What about the driver of the car. He is speeding and also driving while using a phone. And at one point looked at the speedometer. I agree the bus driver is in the wrong but so is the driver of the car.


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