Christ Gratzinger captured after robbing 7/11 for a few bucks and two packs of smokes at knife point

Christopher Gratzinger, 30, who is believed to be homeless and just got out of prison, was captured Tuesday night at a house in Butler Township.

He is accused of pulling the knife on a clerk at the 7-Eleven on Pillow Street under the guise of buying an iced tea drink. He demanded all the $20 bills. The issue is, as a former employee of this store, you can not keep more then $100.00 in the register. That is the written law of this store.

When the clerk advised him there were no 20s, according to court documents, he reached over the counter and removed all the money around $25 from the register. Why the register was open is beyond me, but 7/11 does tell employees if they are being robbed just open the drawer. Do not start a conflict. Gratzinger also grabbed two packs of Newport 100 cigarettes.

Police reviewed surveillance video and immediately identified Gratzinger, who has tattoos on his face, neck and body.

City officers also have arrested Gratzinger, a repeat felon, for prior crimes including a snatch-and-run robbery last year at another convenience store.

A passing motorist called police after an intoxicated man was hitchhiking on 68. That man was Gratzinger. A motorist took Gratzinger to a home in Butler Township. As it turned out, when Gratzinger showed up at this house Butler Township Police saw Gratz getting out of the car.

Gratzinger, meanwhile, is already awaiting trial in four separate criminal cases, including the July 21, 2017, robbery of the E-Z Stop store on North Main Street in Butler.

Police said in that snatch-and-run robbery he stole a carton of cigarettes.

Gratzinger has a vast criminal record, with a robbery case open, and now an armed robbery case. It is safe to assume Gratzinger is going to prison for the vast majority of his adult life. Gratzinger has already spent most of his adult life in prison.







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