Kieleigh Booher makes ignorant, uncalled for statement about Butler News

Below is a copy of her Facebook post that is borderline disgusting and ignorant. This girl should be ashamed of herself making such accusations. This little girl is a stalker, sending me messages that are outrageous. I had to ban this little stalker and this statement was made after I banned her.

“Okay so I’m determined to get the Butler News guy blocked from Facebook not only because makes fun of little girls he also tells people very vile things that he will do and so on and so on and at one point some unstable person will comment saying some news isn’t true and he’s going to blast that person and then going to proceed to call them names and say vile things about them and that person will probably kill themselves which I think if someone is going to run an account about criminals I don’t believe he should be acting like a criminal. I heard about him being rude to people who disagree with them and I think it should stop because nobody needs to be called names for trying to help him out and telling him the truth so share this and help me report the jerk who threatens little girls and says vile things about people so he can learn his lesson that his mother didn’t teach him to respect others and their opinion”

WHO KNOWS what this girls issue is? It is clear she did not graduate third grade English class-speaking of class, making a post like this is all but classless.

Works at Wendy’s

Lives in Butler, Pennsylvania

In a relationship with Gage Ariss

From Butler, Pennsylvania

Pronounces name KEE-E-lee BOO-her

I guess when you work at Wendys you have nothing else better to do then make false accusations online. Snowflakes like this are what is WRONG with society.

VERY SIMPLE I have never harassed a girl, DO NOT get arrested and you will not land on Butler News SIMPLE!




  1. SHE did not write a sentence run on, but a whole paragraph run on. I assume she did not graduate or was given the diploma to get rid of her.


  2. it appears at least one person got drunk enough to ride her big ass. bet it was a volunteer fireman! and related to her


  3. You all need to do something with your lives… that’s my son and he Is doing more with his in 16 years and going more aces than you Butler trash people… that’s okay KARMA is a BITCH.
    I bet not one of you can handle being a fire fighter much less be on your way to graduate from High School


    • I do t think anyone said a word about your son, but I’ll break it down for you. This page is filled with firefighters, I’m confident most can handle that. To graduate high school isn’t a bad of honor. Not sure what “going more aces is?”


  4. The fact that she is only 17 and her boyfriend is 16, you should not be posting anything about her. She is a MINOR. That is outrageous. I hooe you get something on calling out a minor. And posting where she works and everything about her? Completely uncalled for. You’re a disgusting piece of shit. Asshole.


  5. You are violating CB laws and have 24 hours to remove this slanderous article before charges are pressed against you.



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