Snowflake teen does not understand if you do not get arrested you will not be posted on Butler News

Today, I shall call this day “posting of stupid messages and posts day”

This woman, use the term loosely, has now made the following statement she knows nothing about online. Here is a copy of her idiotic rant.

“So, I’m assuming Butler News got shut down (again) and now he made a new one. After years of harassment (and knowledge), I still have friends who actually support this guy.🤦🏼‍♀️ Do what you can to not let this rapist make money off of you!! Don’t share his posts, don’t like his posts, don’t LIKE HIS PAGE.”

I swear to god, stupidity and losers are contagious in Butler Pa

One more person from Butler that is unemployed, kid out of wedlock, and on welfare. I am sorry, your opinion does not matter.

DO NOT let this woman babysit your kids. She is a drug user!!! You been warned Butler

Here is her babysitting post, she collects welfare but can make money on the side? This is called fraud

I’m still looking for little ones to babysit!! I’ll take care of them in my home with Greyson. There will be healthy scheduled meals and snacks. I’ll take the time to teach them and we can do loads of arts & crafts together. Basically, my home will be a daycare, except way less germs and more one-on-one time with your child. As most know, I practice peaceful parenting, as well. There’s no screaming and no harsh punishing, either. I’m like Super Nanny, honestly. Message me with any sort of questions and concerns!! ($9-$10/hour or we can work on an agreement)


  1. This tax cheat does not pay income taxes obviously or she would not be able to secure all of the benefits our kind state doles out to citizens who are incapable of caring for themselves.
    Maybe taking this parasite down to the basement and put 9 grams of lead in her ear.

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  2. my brother works for an agency that goes after people scamming the system. time to call him. these POS are everywhere! when your IQ and your shoe size match your going to get caught

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  3. Super Nanny at $9/hr ? Ha. Maybe if she’s at your house stealing you blind. She’d be further ahead bumming a ride to the truck stop, it’s apparent she can do that.

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  4. FYI Im to big of a rat to get fucked by a mouse! public assistance is for people who actually need it. and its assistance not a way of life. stealing my tax money!


  5. I will say one thing. SHee a ho. My buddy and I splitroasted her few months ago. She does ass to mouth all that good shit


  6. Kari
    Is a

    Anyone that would let this dirtbag watch their child is an idiot.

    Her house is covered with feces, it smells inside of her home.

    She absolutely does drugs in front of her child. She is known for trading favors for drugs.

    And your home isn’t cleaner then a daycare center you dirtbag.


  7. Hey Justin: Not sure if your aware. She ran this Facebook page called “goodbye butler news” I know her, I have the screen shots. She openly admits it, was at work bragging about it. What’s your email?


  8. This bitch looks like white trash not sure about the picture tho bro I am sure this kid will be ashamed enough of his mother for being white trash


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