Amazon Alexa is down for millions of users

Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant is down for countless users this morning. While the company has yet to issue any kind of official notice or response, reports on the internet from all over the world indicate that Alexa is very incredibly delayed answering questions or is unable to connect to the network to respond at all.

This doesn’t appear to be a localized issue, as complaints are currently streaming in at an alarming pace on Down Detector, where thousands of users are having trouble with their Echos and Echo Dots. I tried to ask my Echo about the weather right after I read about the issues, but after lighting up green and blue for nearly a full minute, the Echo eventually flashed red and told me that it was unable to connect to my network (and my network is fine).

although I have one of these things, I’m still not sure what they do or why I buy this shit. But mine seems to be working fine.


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