AOL DOWN – E-mail outage hits hundreds of thousands of users AGAIN

AOL is down for thousands of users who have today reported the online giant’s e-mail service as not working.

AOL is down once again, this time for thousands of users who today have reported the company’s e-mail service as not working.

Independent website Down Detector has received thousands of reports of AOL down, with the problem peaking at just under 5,000 reports of AOL down.

Of those affected, 53 per cent are experiencing issues with their e-mail while 26 per cent reported problems with their internet connection.

The AOL down issues today are mainly affecting users in the US, with those in New York, Brooklyn and Los Angeles among those heaviest hit.

The official AOL Customer Support Twitter account has acknowledged the issues and said engineers are working on a fix.

They tweeted today: “We’re aware that service is slow/inaccessible for some of our users when trying to access AOL Mail. We are working to fix it as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

They later added: “We appreciate your patience while we are working on a fix. Our engineers are still investigating while AOL Mail is inaccessible for some of our users. We’ll keep you posted once we have an update.”

As the e-mail outage hit, AOL users took to social networking site Twitter to report issues with the service.

One user posted: “@AOL mail is once again down”.

While another wrote: “Is aol’s server down? All my emails have disappeared on the app!”

And one added: “@aolmailhelp guess it’s time for the monthly aol mail down issue? This is ridiculous. Every month there is an issue. Think maybe you could get fixed so no issues for a year? Maybe even 6 months?”



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