Potholes Not Only Annoying, But Costly

While tire-hungry potholes are typically a sign of spring, this winter’s extreme cold weather followed by record warmth has taken an early toll on the roads, and AAA says drivers are paying a steep price.

Officials estimate hitting a nasty pothole can do more, sometimes, than just give you a flat tire. Bad potholes can lead to bent wheels or even more expensive suspension damage, which AAA estimates can run you between $250 and $1000.

Officials in the AAA East Central office- which includes Butler County- say they have seen a 12 percent increase in flat tires calls in January as compared to January 2017.

Sometimes potholes are unavoidable. AAA does offer some tips to help minimize vehicle damage including:

-Making sure your tires are properly inflated and have a healthy tread

-Inspecting your suspension, including making sure your shock absorbers are in good shape.



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