Im not one to argue with ratings of a restaurant, in fact most give the place a 4.9 rating, located in a converted BP station the make over was in fact quite nice, and the service was good, if you like a nosy waitress telling you all about her life, her kids, her problems and butting in to your private conversations with family every time she stopped by the table, then it was friggen fantastic.

Our waitress kept forgetting who got what, left out ordered items and we were her only table at 8 at night.

The old attage is true, if the parking lot is empty their must be a reason.

Im not sure who the chef or owner was, they never visited us or any table, not a trait of a good owner.

The menu at first glance also seems like a good thing, you know, lots of fancy sounding dishes, however each dish , all good choices for a menu were bastardized in some way that the final presentation was fairly off the mark from the actual dish. I am a Food purest, chicken cacciatore and beef stroganoff should be just that, not canned Demi glass on noodles with a spoon full of sour cream thrown on top and overly large meat hunks on the side… WTF

Chicken Caccatori should be sliced vegetables cooked slowly in its own sauce, not a hand full of bagged cubes of onions thrown in a skillet with a scoop of sauce, two pieces of mushroom and tossed on fettuccine noodles. The term cat puke came to mind, I took it home, swear to God my dog would not eat it. Beef Stroganoff is one glorious dish which builds one flavor upon each other, not 4 things thrown on a plate, if I wanted steak tips with gravy on noodles I would of ordered that.

We also ordered the fish special. Who I ask and on what Planet puts a crab cake on salmon, and uses bass cheeks, the equivalent of a fishy tasting rubber balls as a combo. Trendy thinking has killed most upscale restaurants while the old standby the greasy spoon lives on. Chefs should take the hint.

Honesty the deserts were the high point, but not so unique they will surve more tha a year tops, and last but not least the lemon dill butter for my bread, nothing better than making your butter rancid and tart and taste like a puckered pickle to highlife the stale as shit bread we had.

Im sorry folks but the Evolution Grill in sarver PA On Rt. 356 isn’t worth your time or the over expensive price point for the food.

If your going to charge higher prices and create fancy sounding names for basic foo for God sakes folks, make the shit right.



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