Court dates for super douche Austin Ayers, 19, of Evans city

Scam artist, general piece of shit Austin Ayers-he has been a hot topic of Butler News, Ayers fell off of the map after trying to talk Ryan Ehrman,17, into shooting at my home. Ayers then reappeared after an expended period of cuddling and presumably incest sex with his mother Terri Ayers of 601 Evans City Road Ayers appeared again with Penn Internet. Penn Internet was then shut down by a court injunction by AT&T After his new business failed as Ayers is a scum bag piece of garbage, Ayers has again fallen off of the digital map.

One of the biggest questions I get is when is this guys court hearings-Here are a copy of Ayers court dates.

You can see more details by clicking the link below for the official court link.

His court dates are as follows

Judge Assigned: Date Filed: 02/16/2018 Initiation Date: 02/03/2018
OTN: X 156752-1 LOTN: X 156752-1 Originating Docket No: MJ-50303-CR-0000024-2018
Initial Issuing Authority: Sue Haggerty Final Issuing Authority: Sue Haggerty
Arresting Agency: Butler Psp Arresting Officer: Hand, Ryan J.
Complaint/Incident #: PA1811407
Case Local Number Type(s) Case Local Number(s)
Case Status: Active Status Date Processing Status Arrest Date: 02/03/2018
02/16/2018 Awaiting Formal Arraignment
02/16/2018 Awaiting Filing of Information
Complaint Date: 02/03/2018
Start Room Judge Name
Start Date
Case Calendar
Event Type
03/27/2018 1:00 pm Courtroom 5 President Judge Thomas J.

1 Conspiracy – Discharge Of A Firearm Into
Occupied Structure
1 F3 18 § 903 02/02/2018 X 156752-1
2 Conspiracy – Discharge Of A Firearm Into
Occupied Structure
2 F3 18 § 903 02/02/2018 X 156752-1
3 3 M1 18 § 908.1 §§C Prohibited Possession 02/02/2018 X 156752-1
4 4 M2 18 § 2705 Recklessly Endangering Another Person 02/02/2018 X 156752-1

Name: Butler County District Attorney’s Office
District Attorney
Supreme Court No:
Phone Number(s):
724-284-5222 (Phone)
Butler County Government Center
P.O. Box 1208
Butler, PA 16003
Name: Ryan Cassidy Helsel *
Public Defender
Supreme Court No: 091111
Rep. Status: Lower Court
Phone Number(s):
724-284-5336 (Phone)
Butler CO Pd’s Office
PO Box 1208
Butler, PA 16003-1208
Representing: Ayers, Austin Jay
* Entry of Appearance Not Filed



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