Kevin Brodie, 24, jail after snapping out in court on Judge Thomas (Ill send dick pics)Doerr.

Kevin  Brodie, 24, was charged by the Butler County Sheriff’s Department with misdemeanor resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, following his blowup in President Judge Thomas Doerr’s courtroom number 5.

Brodie, who was in court facing a bench warrant for failing to appear at a previous hearing on charges of misdemeanor possession of a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, became confrontational after arguing with Assistant District Attorney Terri Schultz regarding his case, and disagreed with Doerr’s imposition of $1,000 in bail. Brodie then started yelling at Tom Doerr

Brodie said he is a full-time student and was unable to come to court because he would be missing classes. Doerr said he did not care if he was a student. (Now if Brodie was a woman Doerr could have traded his usual dick pics for “her freedom)

Upon being cuffed Brodie started screaming at the Judge, it is being reported that he resisted arrest. In fact he did NOT. He was cuffed and started yelling and screaming. That is not resisting  arrest folks.






  1. Lol maybe he was pist off because doer sent him cock pictures by accident? Did you hear about doeer and how he was fucking terry its like a love scandal in the courthouse


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