Mackenzie Peters,22, pleas out to 36 months probation after her 4 year old son was raped and killed by Jordan Lambing

Mackenzie P. Peters, 22, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of children. The plea agreement calls for a sentence of 36 months’ probation total 18 months on each count  and the payment of fines. Peters will also be ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation and submit to any recommended treatment.

Peters is scheduled for sentencing May 3rd.

She was arrested and charged days after the Butler Township Police Department filed first-degree homicide, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with serious bodily injury, rape of a child with serious bodily injury and other charges against her boyfriend, Keith Jordan Lambing, 21, of Butler, in connection with the death of her son, Bentley Thomas Miller, on March 21.

Investigators have said that Peters and Lambing had been staying at the motel for four to six days before Bentley’s death. Lambing is alleged to have assaulted Bentley in the room after Peters left for work on the morning of March 21.

The word among Police is that Peters knew the assaults were taking place against Miller, but there was no real evidence to charge Peters, plus it does not hurt when the DA is friends with her father.

Peters was found to be joyful in court, often seen laughing and not giving a shit that her four year old son was raped and killed.

Here is a brief past where Peters went out to party after her sons funeral. It is the most popular an most viewed story in the history of Butler News, garnering close to a million views

During her pre-trial she was treated as a queen-here is a link to a story where she was out getting high and drunk, all while posting the events details online


Here are more back links to this disgusting bitches case. It is Butler, I called this, it is all in who you know or blow in Butler. There was no justice thus far for this four year old child that was raped and killed. Fucking disgusting!





  1. That bitch is banging every black dude down in the Mercer Road area. Two of my buddies split roasted the bitch. We had no idea who the fuck she was til we seen this shit. She is going by Marie or something


  2. Someone needs to do the world a favor and blow her head off maybe rape her to death like what she allowed to happen to her 4 year old son


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