PA Attorney General says he’s going after natural gas companies for failing to pay royalties to landowners.

Shapiro was testifying in front of the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee saying his office is taking energy companies to court over royalty agreements, which he says have often been misleading.

“These are deals where a drilling company would come to a landowner and say ‘We’d like to drill on your land, and as a result of drilling on your land we’re going to give you x-percent each month,’” Shapiro said. “[The drilling companies] never told [landowners]…that they were then going to subtract a whole bunch of fees.”



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  1. LMAO! there are no royalties!!!! the idiots that signed up did not read their contracts. the way it works is you get a 16th of a percentage based upon you and everyone else in an area. NO ONE will get paid until the pipelines are in place. plus most of the frat wells take up to 20 years to produce anything. and pressure wells produce NOTHING. LOL and the reason I refused to sign up for my properties PLUS they don’t pay out until their cost are recouped LOL SUCKERS!!! when most signed up they got just enough upfront to put them into a higher tax bracket so you did not pocket what you thought you would. plus frat property makes the bottom fall out of selling it. ever wonder why those companies are from out of state and you see Oklahoma and texas plates on the vehicles. think about this, would you shit in your own back yard


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