Two idiots facing arson charges

Police were left with many questions when a house burned down on South Street in Butler last year. Today—they’ve got their answers.

Butler State Police Trooper Ronald Kesten told our newsroom that 39-year-old Robert Wilheim of Washington Township torched a house in the city of Butler back on May 29, 2017 at the behest of 50-year-old William Gold of Butler as part of a cover-up to a burglary they committed the day before.

Officials say Gold was renting the house on South Street and sublet it to two other men. Gold then enlisted the help of Wilheim to steal a safe inside the home that belonged to the two other men.

Police say Gold then told Wilheim to set the South Street house on fire after he feared the two men had cameras inside.

The explosion was enough that residents say it shook their homes. Wilheim fled the scene immediately after setting the house ablaze.

Police have charged Wilheim and Gold with arson and burglary among other crimes.





  1. Brothers does it make you more of a scumbag to be a drug dealer or a land lord who steals from one? Slim Jim thinks these two should have listened to take the money and run and not so much burn it down on the way to the heist. Job well done. O ya


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