With Dane Winkler on house arrest, the Penn Theater roof leaking beyond repair, is it time to tear the Penn Down

The roof of the Penn Theater is once again leaking but repairs are being made to limit the damage.

Redevelopment Authority of the City of Butler board members were informed of the situation and the steps being taken to address the issue Thursday afternoon.

Authority maintenance staff has been working over the last several weeks to repair a tar and stone portion of the roof but flex spray being used is not adhering to the surface. These actions have been able to reduce the amount of water coming into the building but the problem can only be completely addressed by replacing the roof entirely or at least a large section that would cost over $1,000.00

Dane Winkler who is suppose to be in charge of making this miracle happen of rebuilding the Penn is on house arrest for 90 days due to driving without a licence and he is unable to run the organization, which might be a good thing as so far it has only raised around $13,000.00 when the Penn needs close to a million to fix and restore.

We have reached a point that it might be time to tear down the Penn.
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