Meghan Sundberg, 24, arrested beating a 13 year old with a belt, and punching him in the face

Meghan Sundberg, 24, is accused of hitting her fiancé’s 13-year-old son in the face with a leather belt multiple times in a fit or rage.

State police Wednesday arrested Meghan Sundberg, 24, who admitted she “lost it” and struck the boy in the face multiple times with a belt.

Lewis Stoughton arraigned Sundberg on charges of simple assault and harassment. She was later released on her own recognizance.




  1. Mother of the year 2017, Makenzie Peters turns her crown over to the Mother of the year 2018 Meghan Sundberg. That may be tomorrow’s headline


  2. Brother she isn’t a mother she is almost the same age as her boyfriend’s kid. Plus may be the little fucker had it coming. Also not really on same platter as assfucking and killing a kid. Brother. Maybe you can just take off your Burger King crown and snap into my slim Jim. O ya


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