Overdose deaths are going down

As of this week, there only have been three confirmed fatalities in 2018 that were caused by drug toxicity, according to the Butler County Coroner’s Office.

Comparatively, 15 people died of overdoses in January and February last year.

Last year, the county set a record when 92 people died from drug overdoses. In 2016, the county reported 74 overdose deaths.

So far in 2018, one person has died of toxicity from cocaine and several types of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, while another died of buprenorphine toxicity.

Butler Ambulance Service, which responds to medical calls in Butler and the surrounding townships, has reported an average of one overdose call per day for the last couple of years.

Whatever ambulance service does not usually recoup its costs from overdose calls, because patients refuse transport to a hospital and a non-transport cannot be billed to insurance companies. The cost for the ambulance service associated with responding to an overdose and administering naloxone is estimated to be $240.

woman heroin overdose



  1. What’s wrong with you pussies get out there and die. We need these numbers up brothers we were known for something. This city was building monuments on main Street for our heros who gave their life to feel selfish and ungrateful. Slim Jim says snap into a fetanyl coma o ya


  2. The death toll should be down by common sense when we take into consideration the number of people dead. From here all we can do o is wait patiently for the next batch of drug overdose victims to migrate to Butler, PA.


  3. If someone you know is using get them help. They have to actually want help though. Most junkies are shitty but they’re always someone’s family. I’ve met very few people who are good people that use. Yes most are pieces of shit. Please be kind with your words to respect those grieving for them though. Let’s hope for a good 2018 and may people see the good in life and change for the better!


    • Jibber I like the name brother. It’s exactly what you wrote out you don’t think anyone who uses is a good person but we should get them help brother. I use 16 xl slim Jim’s a day filled with delicious cheese and steroids and noone I mean noone better try and stop me. I need my fix brother. O ya. Does that mean I am not a good person brother? O yeah does it?


      • I didn’t say they’re all bad people. I said the majority is though. Just like even people who do not use. Most of them are still shitty.


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