Pennsylvania law suspends a person’s license if they’ve been convicted of a drug offense-ACLU vows to fight this

For formerly incarcerated people, a driver’s license is one of the most important documents they need to get their life back on track. Driving is crucial to seeking employment, seeing family, securing housing, and participating in a whole host of community activities, especially in areas where public transportation is limited.

But Pennsylvania law suspends a person’s license if they’ve been convicted of a drug offense – even if the person’s offense didn’t involve the unsafe operation of a vehicle. This suspension lasts a minimum of six months, during a time that is especially critical to a person’s reentry to society after prison. This unreasonable law creates yet another challenge to that reentry, setting people leaving prison up to fail.

House Bill 163 would address this wrongheaded thinking by repealing license suspensions for drug convictions from the law. Please tell your state representative to remove this unnecessary barrier to reentry and to vote YES on HB 163.

It’s time to end unfair drug-related suspension policies, and it’s time for Pennsylvania to join the 38 other states who have already eliminated them. Contact your representative now.

In liberty,

Elizabeth Randol
Legislative Director, ACLU of Pennsylvania

I suppose my question would be…why not just use the PA ID card if your drivers licence is suspended for ID verification




  1. I hope someone from the ACLU is in an accident with someone who is high and had no license. Where are they to defend my right to not have to worry about a druggie on the road? I doubt the convicted druggie is really worried about a job. Maybe a welfare baby mama worrying about her EBT credits. She needs to meet someone at Walmart to sell those EBT credits at 50 percent so she can get high again. Maybe if Lambing had his license he could of got Bentley to the hospital on time. ACLU should take care of real issues.


    • You must be related to beezley bubbley unions don’t do anything besides ruin everything. How do you know she sells EBT cards brother I could use a few I haven’t had a match in a while I don’t have much money brother. Do you think she would trade them for anal favors?


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