The business started out as a dairy wholesaler, then began operating dairy stores in the Altoona area selling milk, cheese, meats, and newspapers. Around 1973, the company began selling gasoline, Sheetz said.
They were the first to develop touch-screen monitors,” Sheetz said.
In the late 1980s, a Sheetz family member noticed touch-screen technology at a trade show. By 1993, Sheetz debuted touch-screen monitors — a first for the convenience store and restaurant industry, which had previously relied on and paper-and-pencil ordering system.

In Pennsylvania, there’s a major rivalry between Sheetz in western Pennsylvania and Wawa in eastern Pennsylvania. And though they are fierce competitors, the two maintain “a very respectful relationship,” Sheetz said.
At the Sheetz drive-through, customers can order food — and pick up milk, bread, or anything else needed in a hurry.
The large menu at Sheetz is rare among other gas station chains. “You can get restaurant-quality food at a gas station,” Sheetz said. Executive Chef Dan Coffin is constantly developing new food items. He has has a degree in culinary nutrition from Johnson & Wales University and is Marine Corps veteran who fed America’s troops during his service.

Credit Mercerstarnews.com



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