Cuts finally coming to those who get section 8 housing

Beginning April 1, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will designate Butler County as small market and remove it from the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Market in the Fair Market Rent system.

Fair market rent is the subsidy the authority pays Section 8 landlords after tenants pay 30 percent of their income toward the rent.

Section 8 landlords in all six counties in the Pittsburgh market have been receiving the same fair market rent subsidies, but the market is one of 24 across the country being broken up. Each county, including Butler County, will be a small market with its own set of subsidies.

Pittsburgh market subsidies range from $621 a month for an efficiency apartment to $1,214 for a four-bedroom apartment. The subsidies vary according to the number of bedrooms.

The Butler County small market subsidies are based on the 37 ZIP codes in the county.

Subsidies in 14 of the ZIP codes will be higher than the current Pittsburgh market subsidies and 23 ZIP codes will have lower subsidies.

In the 16001 ZIP code in Butler City, where about 900 of the 1,441 Section 8 housing units in the county are located, and parts of Butler Township, the subsidies will be $580 for an efficiency and $1,130 for a four-bedroom apartment.

Subsidies in the 16046 ZIP code in Mars, the 16066 ZIP code in Cranberry Township and the 16059 ZIP code in Valencia will be the highest in the county at $930 for an efficiency and $1,820 for a four-bedroom apartment,

“In Cranberry those went up because it’s a higher priced market. Butler’s went down slightly. The lowest subsidies  $510 for efficiencies and $1,020 for four bedroom apartments will be paid in ZIP code 16022 in Bruin, ZIP code 16030 in Eau Claire, ZIP code 16034 in Fenelton and ZIP code 16049 in Parker.

It is nice to see these cuts, the working class works 40 hours a week to have a  house that is not as nice as some of these people that abuse the system. It is about time there are some cuts in this non sense. If you can afford a cell phone and other amenities, then you can afford housing.



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