A thunderous crowd of at least 5,000 supporters greeted President Trump inside an aircraft hangar near Pittsburgh International Airport on Saturday night.

“You know what? Do me a favor. Get out on Tuesday, vote for Rick Saccone and we can leave right now,” Trump said before jokingly walking away from the podium.

The president lost little time embracing his favorite candidate for Congress in next Tuesday’s special election.

“Go out, vote for Rick. He’ll never, ever disappoint you. He’s a winner,” Trump said. “He’s never gonna disappoint you. Just go out. Vote with your hearts. Vote with your brains. This is an extraordinary man.”

“This is going to destroy arts in West Virginia,” Del. Larry Rowe (D) said. “Always, always the first thing to be cut is the arts.”

Teachers in West Virginia won a statewide 5 percent raise for all public employees and a commission to deal with issues with the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) after carrying out a nine-day strike that shut down schools in all 55 state counties.

Manchin, a centrist Democrat in the red state, blasted state Republicans during the strike for “playing games” with the state’s education system.

“Sadly, just like in Washington, it looks like political gamesmanship is winning the day & preventing a bipartisan compromise led by the Governor to help our educators & public employees, fix our PEIA system & get students learning again from becoming law,” Manchin tweeted earlier in March.

“I urge the Senate Republican leadership to stop playing games and send our kids back to school,” he added.



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