Dakota Hinchberger, 25, arrested and charged with felony assault

Dakota  Hinchberger, 25, was arrested after an ambulance was called for a possible overdose when Dakota was hunched over his car steering wheel not moving. It turned into anything but ordinary.

While responding to treat a man in a still running car Saturday morning at the Slippery Rock Plaza parking lot, Johnson found himself being dragged as the man tried to drive away.

State police arrested the driver,Hinchberger, 25, of Muddy Creek Township, on felony assault and other charges.

Police said they found a large number of stamp bags of suspected heroin and other empty bags in the car.

He is in jail on $100,000.00 bail. The ambulance employee  is okay after being dragged by the car for at least ten feet.




      • That is sooo crazy. I go there all the time and was actually there in the afternoon Saturday. Glad I’m not an early bird. Scary really, these people being behind the wheel. I use to keep a look out for deer, now I am clear to the white line watching the people driving towards me.


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