Man who was arrested for violently beating his mother, then shoving heroin up his rectum challenges me to a fight, no shows, then calls 911 on me

I try as of late not to bash people on this page. But here we have a supreme loser, David Arnold out of no where messages me the other night to tell me how he was going to “kick my ass” Well, I thought “at least i have something to do tonight”

I message this idiot back where he goes on a rant about how he beat his mother badly. And how he will do the same to me. It was clear he was under the influence of something.

On and on this man went telling me he wanted to fight me in a certain spot. I guess he thinks he is 13 years old. Or it could be the fact the jacked up loser thought he was a hardass. Either way I am actually bigger then this guy, and I can assure you I can fight better then the junky, and I was in the area. So I went to the spot he told me he wanted to “fight me in”

I would guess because this junky and waste of society has a few pounds of muscle on him that no one has ever called him out on his bullshit.

I then show at the park this tard told me to meet him at. I send pictures of me sitting at the park waiting for this happy hard ass-happy hard ass then freaks out telling me that I am bullying him after I showed for a fight.

I then find out he called the Police on me to tell the Police that he was going to sue me and wants me arrested.

Here is the moral of the story, beating the shit out of your mother does not make you a hard ass loser. Shoving heroin up your ass does not make you cool.  And only a straight bitch and wanna be bully would pull this kind of bullshit.

David, you are the first idiot of the week, and you are a fucking coward and piece of shit in my opinion for assaulting your mother…LOSER

Here is a link to Arnolds past stories and arrests




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