“Beaver County has seen “notable increases” in new HIV and gonorrhea diagnoses.

“Beaver County has seen “notable increases” in new HIV and gonorrhea diagnoses.

However, a lack of willingness to test — combined with the potential spread of the diseases through illegal drug use — raises more questions than answers.

From 2017 through this year so far, the number of new HIV cases has increased “nearly threefold” in county residents compared to the average number of new diagnoses in previous years, according to a Pennsylvania Department of Health advisory issued earlier this month to local medical offices. The increases in HIV infection were predominantly identified in males with the risk factor of men who have sex with men. According to the state health department, four cases of HIV diagnoses were made in 2013, five in 2014 and three in 2015. Zero cases were reported in 2016, but the count may be incomplete because of reporting delays. The state has not yet shared the exact number of new diagnoses for 2017.

Individuals identified with new HIV infections also had a high rate of co-infection with other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as syphilis and gonorrhea.

In nearby Allegheny County, 119 new HIV diagnoses were made in 2013, followed by 128 in 2014, 142 in 2015 and 127 in 2016. In Lawrence County, there were three new cases in 2013, five in 2014, five in 2015 and zero in 2016. The latter also may be incomplete because of reporting delays.

Gonorrhea, like HIV, also can be asymptomatic in some individuals. Women who aren’t diagnosed and treated can become infertile.

Patients also have told physicians at Premier Women’s Health that having “sex friends” or utilizing social media dating apps, such as Tinder and Snapchat, may have increased the issue. Then when individuals come to an appointment, they opt out of getting STD testing.

“I think a lot of patients maybe just don’t want a gynecological exam,” DiCenzo said.

In addition, Fisk said when patients have an STD, they risk a higher chance of contracting HIV if exposed to it. Individuals with HIV who also have another STD are at higher risk of spreading it.”

Is anybody surprised considering Beaver Falls is home to a sex club? Visit any swinger’s forum and you will read condoms are rarely used, because bareback sex and cream-pies are all the rage. These people use swing clubs, KIK, Tinder, Snapchat, and many other ways to line up NSA sex encounters with strangers.

These people come from all walks of life. It could be your neighbors, your adult children, your pastor, lawyers, executives, blue collar workers, teachers, small business owners, and who knows who else. Many are not opposed to being drunk or using drugs while having sex with strangers.
Nasty people.


  1. No surprise here. I’m willing to bet swinging was brought about by a guy that wasn’t sexually satisfied by his wife. He solved his boredom with her boring (probably overweight) ass by convincing her it would keep him from leaving or cheating.The woman was too afraid to live without him and went along with it. BOOM, consensual cheating! If you think about it, it is a brilliant plan. However, those who enjoy the taboo will always be pushing boundaries, thus, safe sex, drugs, and other taboos become normal to those people.


    • Brother sorry some of us are not just missionary positioning like we are trying to defend the snatch fort. You need to realize brother there’s people like WILHELM out there. Who are handicrippled and it is easier to suck dick from the other side of a bath stall through a 1 1/2 hole. O yeah. And when the slim Jim comes thru who’s gonna suck you. Willy brother. O yeahhh. I’m just A.S.S.uming your wife looks like aj Ayers and noone wants to fuck her or you… Snap into a orgy o yeahhh


  2. I can’t get over anybody using apps or social media for that lifestyle. It only takes one person to hack an account and that crap will spread like a grassfire. Please tell me people are stupid enough to join private Facebook pages catering to swingers believing it will always stay private. As if people do not get burned and break confidences. Stupids is as stupid does.



    Don’t knock it it’s easier than being faithful!

    A bunch of CUCK men. Have to turn out the wives to other men to give their women an orgasm while the man watches with a limp dick in his hand.



  4. Let’s not give swingers a bad rap. A swinger marriage is not more or less happy than a traditional marriage. I was in the lifestyle for several years with my ex. We became roommates with benefits, and wanted to spice things up. One night I was nailing a guy’s wife while he was nailing mine, and I realized when I looked over and watched that the reason I felt no jealousy or bad feelings was because I didn’t love my wife like I did when I married her. My feelings now were more platonic and due to her birthing our kids, but I wasn’t in love with her anymore. We had a mortgage, kids, debt, car payments, and shared friends and family, so divorcing was not an option I was interested in. Swinging was a way to put up with the marriage and one another. We could endure the marriage when we knew we had s3x with strangers to look forward to every few weeks. I see this situation play out often in the lifestyle.

    The swinger party line is swingers have stronger, better, more blissful marriages than vanillas (monogamous couples), but they have to say that otherwise the lifestyle looks less intriguing and exciting. Swingers will tell you they have research to back that up, but the research is severely skewed. The researchers go to swing forums, clubs, and other swing positive areas to ask questions. Therefore, the questions are answered mostly by current, active, happy swingers. The people swinging did not work out for, or whose marriages ended due to swinging, no longer frequent swinger spots, thus the data is skewed in favor of swinging being positive and favorable to a marriage. The vast majority of swingers are not on their first marriage. Many have been married 2+ times before. It isn’t unheard of to find couples who divorced to marry a swing partner.

    I stayed married until I ran into a friend from college. Now I’m happily married to a wonderful woman, and I would not share her with another man for anything in the world. She is my queen and I adore her.
    Swingers are merely trying to stay married in a difficult or unhappy situation; give them a break.


      • I was never outed. I used some social media, but mainly used SLS site and visited sex clubs. I did belong to a private Facebook page for swingers. After a while I realized I had a false sense of security because of its private status and backed away. It was crazy the photos couples would post in the group. I would not want them falling into the wrong hands!


      • 1. Yes, swingers are no different than other segments of the population. People think swingers don’t cheat because they have free reign of sex with others, but it is not that simple. Each couple has their own rules and boundaries in the lifestyle. Part of the draw to swinging is the taboo of it being socially unacceptable. Guess what else is socially unacceptable? Cheating. Swingers like the rush of the forbidden, so cheating plays into that fantasy. People that cheated before entering the lifestyle bump up to professional level. They were already good at lying and deceiving, now they have new tools for their cheater’s toolbox. Say they have a profile on SLS or another swing site with their spouse (a joint profile). It is easy for a cheating spouse to open an individual profile which is very handy if they travel for business. Now when they visit a city regularly or occasionally it is as easy as messaging to set up a threesome after work in the hotel. Heck, the hotel is already paid for.

        2. Swingers are people and people talk. Swingers gossip about other swingers and about vanilla friends. They gossip about other swingers sexual abilities or lack thereof. Women talk penis size and a man’s ability to get them off. Swingers love to talk shit about their vanilla friends; how boring they are, how dull a regular get together is without sex. They can be brutal.

        3. It depends on the couple, but nobody uses condoms for oral sex. Nobody. I think it is about half the couples that require condoms, but in the heat of the moment things happen.


    • Alcohol is ever present in the lifestyle whether it is at clubs, hotels, or house parties. I almost never see anybody swinging totally sober. Most people require 2-3 drinks to get the inhibitions done and make sex with strangers or acquaintances exciting.

      Drugs are also prevalent. At least the party drugs; Molly, Ecstasy, and weed. Sex clubs typically have a no drug rule, but that’s only to bring drugs in, the owners don’t care if you are already high. So, you have to hide drugs to get them into a club, but it happens regularly. Drugs in hotel takeovers and house parties are much more acceptable and out in the open, especially weed, but no one frowns at Molly or Ecstasy if you have it.

      I have a saying: Swingers are from all walks of life except the beautiful side. Like it or not, swingers are not beautiful people with well maintained bodies. On a good night in a club swingers are a 3-6 on a scale of 1-10, with a few 7s mixed in. I’m not talking about mom-bods and dad-bods with a few extra pounds. I’m talking 30+ extra pounds and nobody will be on a magazine cover anytime soon. Swingers like to put HWP (height and weight proportionate) in their profiles, but I don’t consider being 30+ lbs overweight proportionate. But yes, all careers, religions, hobbies, or whatever are represented.


  5. It’s best to get a test and only be in the words people are afraid of “a serious monagamus relationship.” The grown-up way is a much safer way to roll”.

    STD’s don’t just disappear-once you get em, alot of them stay with you and bring a long alot of pain.


  6. If swinging is so wonderful and healthy for a relationship, why do swingers stay in the closet and pretend to be something they are not?


  7. You saying your out of my league well let me tell you something brother. Nobody out weighs the macho Man. Perhaps it’s that you know once you start slimming you’ll never try another jim again. O ya


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