South Butler teachers have started to picket as of 11:am (they slept in this morning)

Teachers started picketing about 11:15 a.m. on Thursday. Several teachers could be seen walking around the campus holding signs that read “We Teach, We Care, Be Fair” and “Fair Contract Now.”

This marks the fifth teachers strike in South Butler in the past 40 years. It’s unclear at this point how long the strike will last. Union rep Brooke Witt said the Pennsylvania Department of Education was notified of the strike Thursday morning.

If a second strike threatens the school’s ability to complete 180 days of school by June 30, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education can intervene by asking a court to prohibit the strike.

According to state law, teachers must return to school after they strike if students won’t be able to get 180 days of school in without the district extending the school calendar beyond June 15th

The teachers have been working under terms of an expired contract for nearly four years.




  1. typical union mentality. go on strike so everyone can make the same wage. every year more money gets put into education. only for our education system to still be ran as it always has been producing less educated children. socialism at its finest


    • That is the smartest thing you’ve ever said beezle cum dump. How is 50-70k and Summers off not fair. They teach useless information from textbooks they know dick shit about and maybe if the school offered financial classes they could manage their checks better and spend up to their necks and think that crying is the way to make more money. Fuck these libtards replace em w scabs.


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