The Pennsylvania Board of Pardons heard 66 cases during its two-day spring session, recommending 53 for clemency, Lt. Gov. Mike Stack announced today.

“I’m proud of the work of the board staff and the diligence of its members,” Stack said. “We are providing the opportunity for second chances at an accelerated rate and giving each case the careful consideration necessary. Each recommendation represents the possibility for a new chapter in the life of one Pennsylvanian.”

Ten cases were denied pardons; three others were held under advisement.

The board also considered the commutation case of Richard Marra, a Philadelphian who killed a man in a night club in 1986. Marra, 53, has served more than 31 years on a sentence of life without parole. He was interviewed in person by the board at SCI Camp Hill last week and more than 40 supporters attended his public hearing the next day.

A final vote on Marra’s application for commutation has been held under advisement by the board.

Also being held under advisement are requests for reconsideration from William Smith and Edward Printup. Smith and Printup were denied commutation at last December’s session. Their cases will be rescheduled.​



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