Butler Intermediate and SR high NOT taking bullying seriously-here is a recent fight video, bully blasted

The one thing I have never been good with is bullies. When I was in 7th grade someone (can not remember his name) tried being a hard ass and pushed me around. I waited until we got to the stair case and threw him down the stairs. Leading to me being suspended from school for the first and only time-and it almost lead to a lawsuit against me and my mother. I could never figure out how I was wrong destroying this kid. He had to go to the hospital for multiple injuries, but he never bullied anyone again.

Butler News has of late been getting tons of emails and messages about the Butler Intermediate school, about how the school will do nothing about bullies, how the principal keeps letting some kids bully others and nothing has been done. So one student sent me a video of a bully. And in reality, this is bullshit.

I have no issue blasting a teen, and Ill tell you what, this kid right here in the video has a history of bullying kids at the intermediate. In the video you are about to see, the principal did NOTHING to the bully. This is one of many fights this bully has started this year, the reality is she needs the brakes beet off of her, and one day she will mess with the wrong kid that will wire her jaw shut. There is always someone out there that is badder then you kid, remember that. I also learned that the hard way by getting the shit beat out of me when I thought I was a hard ass in school.

Here is a portion of the email I received

“Sydney Gosseck is the big girl and Madison (dont know her last name) is the small girl. The police were called but the school isnt taking bullying seriously.”



“The bully’s mother Peggy thinks its funny too. When Madison mother reached out she laughed. A police investigation is open about it. Sydney messages the girl a lot bullying madison ever chance she gets”

Let me add something here, when your fat ass is fatter and wider then the mirror, stop posting mirror images online..got it kid?


Here is your moment of shame that you NEED, bullies aint shit.

Here is video of the fight. Again, this is the 5th fight she has caused this year with a student sources tell me. The school will not do anything, few of the fights have been off of school property, so nothing can be done.

And do not message me saying I am picking on a teen, when you purposely pick on someone that does not deserve it, you deserve everything you get in return.

The school NEEDS to step up, the principal needs to step up and actually do something about the bullying in the intermediate. END of rant.



  1. All this girl is a fat little bitch. If she knew how to fight she would not throw wind mill punches. Wait till she gets tired then punch her in the throat that will scare the hell out of her and she will stop


  2. Naming and shaming. I like it. Only thing better would be three girls her size take her behind the dumpster and teach her how to behave properly in a civilized society.


  3. She thinks her big fat ass makes her tough, really makes her sloppy and has no idea how to throw a punch! Run it off chunky! Wish I was back in school in school I’d show this bitch what’s up


  4. this why there are school shootings on the scale they are happening nowadays…….these bullied kids feel they have no choice but to retaliate in any way possible…sadly its usually suicide but you get the ones who decide if they are going they are taking their tormentors with them resulting in schools being shot up and kids killed and usually its not the ones that caused the problem to begin with but the innocents that can’t run and hide…….I was bullied mercilessly in school because my family didnt have money and I didn’t have the latest fashions or popular shoes at the time…..to this day I avoid high school reunions this year will be the 40th……because I’m afraid if I run into the people who were responsible for my torment I’m gonna go to jail for assault and lose everything I’ve worked so hard for……I’m no longer the 70lb dweeb they used to pick on and beat up I am now a 200 lb old man who is quite the skilled pugilist thanks to boxing


  5. Her mother peggy thought it was funny?im shocked one of the moms havent shown up at peggys door.if some girl did that to my daughter on school grounds and the school did nothing id go national if i had to but not before i gave mrs Peggy a talk.nobody has a right to put their hands on you regardless of whatever twisted reason they might come up with.


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