Gary Koval, 36, of Saxonburg,overdoses in Butler City

Gary Koval, 36, of Saxonburg was caught with heroin and other contraband at an apartment in the 300 block of Virginia Avenue.

Police were called to the apartment for a disturbance, according to court documents, and found Koval, who appeared to have suffered an overdose. He was in a fetal position and his face was discolored.

An officer tried to awaken the defendant and he eventually came to. He admitted having recently done heroin.

Police found him with several bags of suspected heroin and a metal spoon with white power residue on it. Koval is charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.




  1. I’ve revived and used narcan in many different situations NOT even with my fire company. I mean just on my own. Used my own everything. My fire department gets narcan for free I pay to have it in my vehicle. Because I seem to come up on shit too often while going about my day to day life. There isn’t a situation that I would EVER not revive someone or help someone. No matter what led up to it. It’s part of the job. Narcan for me costs $150 is out of my own pocket just so I can’t have it in my. Vehicle. That’s my own fault for paying for it when my fire departments vehicles all have the drug on board. But like I said, I’ve brought more than a couple people back that I’ve come across around town. Worth it


  2. I care about the good people of Butler. Not the theives, perverts, con artists, drug dealers,drug addicts, crooked politicians, or genuine assholes. Even though you have alot of sick obnoxious comments I think you actually feel about the same way. If you didn’t you wouldn’t get pissed off enough to comment when one of these butt sniffers gets busted in the county.
    Keep up the good work


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