Buffalo TWP Police lawsuit going to mediator after police wrongly raided elderly couples home

The case in which a Buffalo Township pastor and his wife were initially accused of growing marijuana that turned out to be hibiscus will move to mediation next month.

Ed and Audrey Cramer of Buffalo Township filed a lawsuit against Nationwide Insurance and an agent who inspected a claim at their home, two Buffalo Township policemen and Buffalo Township.

The suit, filed in Butler County Court on Nov. 16, said a Nationwide agent who investigated a claim of a large tree that fell on the Cramer home then re-entered the property and took pictures of a hibiscus plant growing at the property.

The agent, who thought the plant was marijuana, sent the pictures to the Freeport police, who forwarded them to Buffalo Township police.

The matter will go before a mediator on April 17, in an effort to settle the case.

If the mandatory mediation is unsuccessful, it will move on to federal court in Pittsburgh.

Read more about this outrageous case and idiotic police officers by clicking the links below. These cops should be fired, but nope, us tax payers can pay for their disastrous mistake.







  1. Glad my insurance company is NOT Nationwide. Who would like an idiot like him to be your agent.. Usually I am for the police but this time I think all the officers involved should be fired. especially the Sargent in charge.


  2. I feel it should be the same as if a citizen invaded a home. It would be a lot more than fired. The insurance company should be held liable also to the tune of substantial money. More than some pot could of netted the couple. Time to call Edgar Synder.


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