Crystal Seachrist, 29,charged with drugged driving after possible overdose with A 6 year old in her car

Crystal Seachrist, 29, of New Brighton, was found unconscious with a young child seated next to her in a sport utility vehicle at a traffic light was arrested for suspicion of driving on drugs and alcohol.

Zelienople police said they had to put the vehicle in park and turn off the ignition after they spotted the SUV shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday, at North Main and New Castle streets.

A 6-year old girl, who police identified as Seachrist’s niece, was sleeping in the front passenger seat.

The child, who was unharmed, was secured by a seat belt but was not in a booster seat, which is required under state law.

Police said Seachrist told them that she had earlier been drinking alcohol and she also admitted taking a Xanax pill.

Later, documents said, police found an unlabeled prescription bottle containing five Xanax pills in her purse.

District Judge Kevin O’Donnell arraigned Seachrist on charges of child endangerment, driving under the influence of a combination of alcohol and drugs and possession of a controlled substance.

mug shot



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  1. If someone is going to do drugs atleast have the fucking human decency to not be high in front of children. This shit is ridiculous. I’m understanding until they harm other people or use in front of kids.

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