Sarah Schoeffel, 38, of New Castle caught with crack cocaine

Sarah  Schoeffel, 38, of New Castle was caught with crack cocaine and other contraband stemming from calls earlier this month and in February for drug activity at a home on the 400 block of West Penn Street.

An officer said as he got to the house shortly after 12:30 p.m. March 3, he heard a rear door shut and saw Schoeffel carrying a shopping bag. Police learned she was already wanted on an arrest warrant, court documents said.

Schoeffel was arrested and searched. Police said they found two rocks of crack in one of her jacket pockets. Among the contraband in the shopping bag, documents said, was a crack pipe, a loaded syringe, two spoons and Chore Boy copper scrubber.

Police said they also turned up another crack pipe in her bra.




  1. Chore Boy Copper Scrubber. Such exquisite detail. Was the receipt in the bag or in her purse. Now THAT’S what I want to know.


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