David Camp, 29, arrested after a domestic assault

David  Camp Jr, 28,  assaulted a woman during a domestic dispute at his home on Third Street.

The victim told police that Camp hit her in the face and bit her finger.The woman, police noted, had redness above her left eye and she was bleeding from one of her fingers.

She said Camp fled the home when she called 911. Police checked the area but could not find him. He is charged with simple assault and harassment.




  1. Hey SMM maybe cut him a small break, he at least didn’t get caught robbing Walmart. Although where’s his fishing license?


    • Dave brother we are cutting him.a break by not publically humilating him on the internet and talking about that pumpkin tattoo on his pec.. they are to beating women like what the tear drop is to killing someone.. the macho mans body is covered in pumpkin tattoos ooo ya.

      Liked by 1 person

      • SMM. He publicly humiliated himself long before today….Just look at the picture and realize his fame comes from biting a girl.


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