Timothy Gerhold who has brain cancer-arrested for possessing weed during traffic stop

Timothy Gerhold, 40, of Butler faces felony drug charges for having 70 grams of suspected marijuana in his vehicle in Butler.

Police made the stop, because they could not see the inspection sticker in the window-the sticker, it turned out, was not expired. While at the vehicle, the officer smelled marijuana coming from it. Police said Gerhold subsequently admitted that he had a bag of marijuana in the center console.

“He stated he has stage IV brain cancer,” “and marijuana is the only thing that helps him.”

A search of the vehicle turned up a Ziploc bag containing nearly 2½ ounces of marijuana, documents said. Also found in the console was a cigarette roller and rolling papers.

Police on Tuesday charged Gerhold with both felony and misdemeanor possession. He was arraigned on the charges and released on his own recognizance.

Sources tell Butler News Gerhold does have a form of brain cancer.




  1. That’s just bullshit he needs tha t come on people I’m sure if.it was them they would do it when are people going to realize get heroine attivks off street instead of saving there asses it’s the same thing you don’t do that to them what’s wrong with this pictur

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  2. Makes you just shake your head and wonder why our police don’t actually catch real criminals? In most states medical marijuana is legal. I hope he gets the typical Butler Court punishment ,,,,basically nothing.


  3. Police don’t expend time and effort catching real criminals because they’re lazy (not all, but definitely some). The inspection sticker was a ruse to justify them pulling him over. They knew what they wanted. I wouldn’t doubt that they knew this guy had cancer and was getting high because of it. They targeted him because it was an easy way to pass some time.

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