Butler City Police Sgt William who beat up a handcuffed Nick Cambell, given $67,000.00 and his job back

Butler City Council voted to approve an agreement Thursday for a settlement with Sergeant William Mayhugh that includes over $67,000 in back pay from the majority of 2017.

Although Mayhugh has been using some vacation time since he was reinstated, as far as the city is concerned, he is once again an officer with the Butler City Police Department.

Butler City Council fired Mayhugh by a vote of 3-2 in February of 2017 for alleged misconduct and a violation of policy after an incident at the Butler County Prison involving alleged excessive force with a prisoner. Mayhugh filed a grievance through the police union, arguing that he acted within the scope of his authority.

An arbitrator ruled in his favor in January leading to this settlement.

Click the link to read the past stories, even though Nic is a god damn sloth, this pig and ya I will call him a PIG right to his face, had no right to beat the tard up while he was handcuffed, that fat fuck has always been a slime-bag cop.

After this, Butler City is a laughing stock to find this sort of thing okay. This is pathetic!







  1. I have to disagree,, but I have had more than 1 run in with another officer in butler, yet have never been arrested,, had him swear st me,, push me to the wall for no good reason, his name is Villotti, (question my spelling) With that said, as a Butler resident I’d question his motives and actions. I was pulled over years ago by Office William Mayhugh, and he treated me with utmost respect. I’ve heard about this cross eyed freak,, and from what I’m told he’s an ass. I think these officers do need to use common sense and differentiate between the assholes and the people that are just having a bad day.


    • Maybe it should all come out then. Still the guy was handcuffed. So if anyone really knows the details throw them out here.
      At this point in time what is causing Butler the most problems? Is it our idiotic criminals and drug addicts or our local government and police force? The Butler Citizen may want to put that to a vote just for laughs.


      • I’m not saying what happened in the video never happened. I’m it was taken to arbitration. And believe it or not, he isn’t proud of that situation. Not someone who think they can do what they want because they have a badge. It wasn’t right. And he wouldn’t argue


      • Oh he sure is someone. Let’s not forget there was an internal for him trading charges for cash, molesting a girl in the car. Multiple people don’t come forward due to the guy being a good cop. Guys a pig!


      • Also, there was another camera angle that showed he was coming at him like a headbutt. There was a 30 year history between them. Resisting every arrest. Fighting him and such. But like I said, he’s far from being ok with the situation. The whole thing ruined his life. So it’s no victory at all


      • Yes, I’ve seen the other camera angle, might still have that video. It showed a clearly drunk sloth back woods retard “nodding out” sure as hell wasn’t “coming at him”


      • Didn’t do shit to him, he got a job and paid and a job with the sheriff. He is a dirty cop, has been for years, he has not arrested me before…. but should have… need I say more?


  2. Oh and also, he’s not coming back. He’s taking his vacation time then resigning. I’m not sitting here being the voice for cops doing wrong by any means. In fact, in due time, you’ll be hearing about something in uncovering that’s pretty big. Just can’t talk about anything as per lawyers. But you’ll be hearing from me eventually about that haha


  3. Ok well I’m sorry for contributing my input on this. I just know head of HR for the police and have heard nothing about that other stuff you mentioned. They came to a decision for a reason I assume. There is a lot of stuff in the world today that is completely false and made up to try and run people. We must all keep that in mind. It’s more of a problem than people know. Someone can do absolutely nothing and get dragged through hell on all lies and conspiracy. Not saying this situation. But it’s def true. And other news outlets (eagle) will post major incorrect stories for the hell of it to get the ball rolling. I have major knowledge of this. But I just wanted to comment. Based only on internal information. Base of it all. I’m sorry for causing any uproar. Seriously though.


  4. Anyway, yeah that’s where I’ll leave off. Lord knows I don’t want any arguments or issues. I probably should have not commented. This is why I’ve taken such a long break from Facebook haha. No disrespect to this page was meant by any means

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  5. another example of working welfare (the union) protect POS, protect lazy asses, and give you the absolute best workers for the money, big not! this is why unions need to go, its not the 1800’s and 12 year olds are not working 20 hours a day for no pay.

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