Amanda Brommer, 39, charged after buying a handgun from a felon in a straw buyer case

Amanda R. Brommer, 39,, faces a hearing in April in the straw buyer case. State police arrested her last month. She has been jailed on charges she bought a handgun for a multiple felon. Six weeks after the pistol was purchased, state police by chance seized it while searching a Butler apartment for evidence of drug trafficking in 2016.

Police said Brommer on April 14, 2016, bought a Bond Arms Texas Defender double-barrel pocket pistol at a Washington Township gun store. On her application  she denied being a drug user and claimed she was buying the gun for herself.

Troopers on May 27, 2016, went to an apartment in the 1000 block of East Jefferson Street in Butler, where they served a search warrant as part of a burglary investigation. During the search, according to court documents, police suspected drug dealing was going on at the apartment. Troopers then got a warrant.

Among the items seized were 407 stamp bags of suspected heroin, five bags of powder cocaine, eight bags of crack cocaine, pills, a digital scale, $5,957 in currency and a Bond Arms Texas Defender pistol.

Hasan “Red” Shareef, 41, who investigators believe had been staying at the apartment, was found there and arrested on felony charges of drug trafficking, drug possession and illegal firearms possession.

Because of his extensive criminal record, which includes three drug felony convictions in Pennsylvania, Shareef is barred under state law from having firearms.

Both now remain in jail awaiting trail. There is no reason given for why this took so long to charge this woman.




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